"Thank you for your constant care & compassion for all of us. I am beyond blessed to have found you & your incredible knowledge".



"I have seen many practitioners before Barbara, including Anthony William. She was the only one who could really help me understand how my unique body works and how to optimize my nutrition to overcome my health challenges. She is knowledgeable, caring, and always available. She is amazing."

Jeannedarc W.

"I have worked with Barbara for 6 months. I had lost half of my hair, already gray. I had lost my voice. My balance was off. Now I am back in my hula classes, I can sing again, and my hair grew all back, black!!!"

Bridget V.

"What Barbara offers in her guidance is freedom and this is priceless. I’ve been struggling to regain my health for the last 2+ years. I consulted with a MM approved practitioner and really liked them and appreciated their desire to help. The main thing they offered though was changing supplements ($500!!). While I followed their guidance, this intuitively did not sit well with me and did not help much.

Barbara’s guidance was a true gift, I made progress, I learned a ton, and with virtually no supplements her sessions basically paid for themselves. I highly recommend her."

Lupita M

"Barbara's Lymphatic Cleanse is a game-changer."

Al ly

" Barbara I am so glad to have you in my corner because no one else talks about the things you do. You make so much sense and are able to empower us with the knowledge needed to heal our bodies."

Barb L. G

"I've done Barbara's Lymphatic reset 3x by choice. It's amazing and life changing, It helped me sleep, control bloating, lose stubborn weight, clear brain fog etc. It's a win-win for me"

Naomi Mayer

"I literally reversed all of my issues with Barbara's support and her lymphatic reset."

Shanna Marie

"Barbara is a truly gifted leader. I owe to her my physical and spiritual transformation. Thank you, Thank you"


"I was referred to Barbara from the Medical Medium group and from friends who had taken her classes. I had seen many practitioners who follow MM and I could not get to the root cause of my ailments. Barbara was the only one who was able to help me understand what was happening. Her knowledge is impressive and she truly stands on her own as an amazing healer. She doesn't "follow" anyone in particular, she draws from many years of experience and intuition. I think she should write her own books. what she talks about makes complete sense, she has so much knowledge and compassion to share with the world."

Laura Costantine