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Aug 24, 2022 - Sep 28, 2022

SOULCIRCLE: Emotional Detox

  • 36Days


I am a health coach and a nutritional therapist: FOOD is what I do, love, and teach.However in the midst of my love affair with food I realized that no food heals and wounds as much as the emotional one. This is why SOULCIRCLE was born, to address the emotional food that is so hard to detox from. We all have cracks because we have all been broken. We hide our scars "deep down", for fear that if we show them the world will never love us the same. And in doing that we isolate ourselves. Where does this pain go? Our body holds it, for as long as it can, until it can't any longer...and it nudges us first ever so lightly, then louder until we can't ignore it anymore and we are forced to face it. Our body talks to us in "body language", and this language is called: disease.​ So hopefully by now, you understand where I am going with this: there is no true healing unless we are willing to do the emotional healing. SOULCIRCLE™ is a 6-week program where you allow yourself to look at your cracks and let the light shine through. SOULCIRCLE is for you if: - you breathe - your body is talking to you through disease and unbalances - you are ready to go a step further in their healing journey - you are done swallowing the pain - you need help getting up again - you are triggered by a word, an image, or a thought - you use food, alcohol, stimulants to cope - you have lost hope - you are ready to put yourself first

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