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Oct 11, 2022 - Nov 20, 2022

Reversing Autoimmunity: Semi-private

  • 41Days


This one-of-a-kind program, offered only 2x a year, combines the individual attention of my one-on-one private sessions, with the support and accountability of the group setting. It is aimed at teaching you how to reverse your symptoms, just like I was able to do for my own AI disorders, over the course of 6 weeks and for that, it requires dedicated attention. Each participant gets every other week, a one-on-one 1 hr private call with me (3) to address the specific needs that arise and fine-tune the progress, plus 1 group meeting x week (6) to foster support and accountability. The program includes very advanced Gut Microbiome Health, Bio-Energetic Feedback Cellular Health, Mitochondrial Health, Biological Age, Immune System Health, and Stress Response Health testing that laser focuses on the specific triggers leading to your specific body's response. Daily gentle stretching exercises videos to target specific organs detoxification. Daily guided EFT (tapping) videos to support mindfulness and emotional toxicity release. Lifestyle changes are addressed as well. Emotional support: I believe life’s experiences can get in our way and deposit into our bodies leaving us physically stuck, energetically depleted, mentally spinning, and emotionally shut down. Emotional toxicity is a key part of reversing the auto-immune response.

You can also join this program via the mobile app.





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