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Aug 20, 2022 - Aug 21, 2022

Homeoprophylaxis Masterclass + 2 year support

  • 2Days


The Safe Way to Aquire Immunity Naturally Pro Vax vs No Vax: Now you don't have to choose This one of a kind, hands-on workshop + consult + support was created in response to the many questions about immunization, mandates, alternative solutions and the need for parents to take control of the health of their families. What is HP? HP (Homeoprophylaxis) is the practice of using specific homeopathic remedies in a specific order and schedule to educate the immune system and reduce susceptibility against serious infectious diseases. ​ In this 2 day masterclass you will get: - deep knowledge of how HP works - a list of concrete actions - 1 personalized HP kit (with remedies for the program chosen) - a personalized schedule - final individual consult (30 minutes) - up to 2 year individual support (depending on the HP schedule chosen) What are the different HP programs? 1. Childhood illness 2. Epidemics and pandemics 3. Tropical diseases Who is HP for? - children (any age, immunized or not) - elderly - immuno-compromised - travelers to foreign countries - everyone (for epidemic and pandemic protection including influenza) NOTE: You can access material and replays if you can 't make the live meetings. And you still get the consult and up to 2 year support!!

You can also join this program via the mobile app.





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