Monthly Guided Programs

The guided programs below are a fun and affordable way to jump start your health. Whether you are new to cleansing and detoxing, or you have tried on your own but have hard time sticking to the protocol, or you are a seasoned health warrior who needs an extra push, you will be able to find a detox that fits your current health needs. We have created time-tested Nutritional and Emotional detox programs to give you the tools you need to achieve and maintain thriving health.

The group setting allows for extra support and accountability and it is key to the overall success.

You can join one or keep joining every month. If you are in search of a bit of inspiration to transition to a lifestyle that reverses chronic illnesses in the kitchen, our Cooking School will give you the foundation and more to start or keep going strong and healthy.

Orange Juice
Green Smoothie
Rock in Sand


Poor waste removal  can affect every part of your body. When this happens it is a sign that your elimination pathways are clogged and your toxins are in fact recirculating, wreaking havoc on your health.  This is the cleanse that resets it all.


This program is a balanced and sustainable approach to detoxification and transformation that combines the benefits of a plant-based diet with those of AYURVEDA and MINDFULNESS. This is NOT a cleanse, it is a lifestyle.


Our scars and our wounds are what make us,  what sets us apart. We tend to keep those scars and wounds for ourselves, for fear that if we show them the world will never love us the same. Emotional toxicity over time turns into a physical one.