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MAY 2023


Learn How To Change Lives,
Including Your Own.

"My mission is to empower as many people as possible with the knowledge and the confidence to improve health and happiness in their community and, through this process, create a ripple effect that transforms the world".

Barbara Manconi-Smith

The Lymphatic Reset Specialist Certification™ was born with the idea of making available to as many people as possible the knowledge and the experience acquired over the years about chronic illnesses, dis-ease, and the role that true detoxification plays in their reversal.​

The Lymphatic Reset™ is the result of many years working with hundreds of clients, addressing many different types of issues and health unbalances. But it is also the combination of my organized knowledge and intuition.


The curriculum focuses on three pillars - Nutrition, Coaching, and Business - combined to create an integrative approach to transform health holistically and build (or enhance) a successful health coaching or wellness business.

Preparing Healthy Food

You are your first client.

Changing lives start with changing yours. This course will give you the opportunity to master what you preach and stay consistent.

Mother's Hug

If you feel a soul calling to help others, this is your opportunity to make a massive change in the life of your loved ones and the strangers the universe will bring on your path

Support Group Circle

Join an inclusive global community of change agents who will empower, inspire, and motivate you to create the life you’ve always dreamed of — we are stronger together.

The Lymphatic Reset™ is the missing link

in today's approach to chronic illness

Why Enroll

  • Be the first to deliver this revolutionary practice to your community


  • Complement your existing practice or create a new revenue stream


  • Have the freedom to work from anywhere


  • Join a supportive community that is there to assist and guide you


  • EXCLUSIVE: Join the Lymphatic Reset™ Institute and start working right away!!

The Curriculum

WEEK 1-2

We are going to explore how the human body works, the natural process of detoxification, the major organs, glands and systems involved, the chemical processes that support or hinder detoxification,

the genesis of dis-ease

WEEK 3-4

We are going to learn the role that nutrition plays in the body's ability to create health or create dis-ease, the true cause of auto-immunity and chronic illnesses, what to look for in blood work and tests and how complementary practices can support the healing journey

WEEK 5-6

The focus will be on how life outside of the kitchen affects the chemistry of the body and its ability to detoxify. The energetic of health and dis-ease. The difference between absence of symptoms and true remission, herbs and supplemental protocols, case studies and how to build individual protocols.

WEEK 7-8

We are going to explore integrative and complementary support systems such as Homeopathy, Homeoprophylaxis, Ayurveda, Acupuncture, and how they can all aid the body in reaching balance.

BONUS: COV!D training and support, you will be able to guide your clients Before, During, and After what is now an endemic virus that sooner or later we will all meet.

WEEK 9-10

These last weeks will be dedicated to the business aspect of becoming a Certified Lymphatic Reset Specialist™. How to launch or enhance your practice, how to market your groups, how to build a community and how to start generating multiple revenue streams. This is often a missing link in many programs and a major obstacle for practitioners to successfully launch a thriving practice.


In order to graduate you will need 24 documented hours of clinical experience coaching individuals.


"Hello my name is Naomi and I have just completed Barbara's Lymphatic Reset Specialist Certification program and I have to say it was actually amazing. The information received was fantastic, it was broken down in a way that you had time to digest it, followed up by a weekly group call where you could ask questions and deepen your knowledge.The lessons were invaluable, I learned a lot. I had done the Lymphatic Reset™ with Barbara before but this course goes into a lot more depth, so I recommend it even if you don't want to become a coach, but are simply interested in deepening your knowledge. It's a wonderful course and you will learn a lot. You get to know the other coaches in your class and become friends. Barbara is super supportive all the way through and she is there for any questions and guidance. So whether you want to do it for yourself or to help others this course is well worth it! ”

Naomi Meyer

Hello, I am Heidi. I joined this group training because it is the one program I have done that has worked and actually made sense to me. As a health coach I want to offer programs that actually help my clients. I am that one person that has tried everything out there and found that nothing worked with me, despite following the plan to the letter. This program has helped bring an end to my frustration as I continue to see lasting results. I want to be able to bring this to my clients who are struggling. I am so grateful for Barbara's work and teachings”.

Heidi Baldwin

“After I completed the Lymphatic Reset™, I was compelled to go further. I had a desire to understand the content at a deeper level so I could share it with others and help them understand how critical Lymphatic Detoxification is to health. I feel this topic is overlooked in both traditional medicine and alternative medicine - I just haven’t heard much about it. It seems like it’s the missing link for many people. Barbara’s Lymphatic Reset Certification Program fully prepared me to teach and coach others through the Lymphatic Reset.™ I’m thrilled to be embarking upon this new endeavor and helping others achieve greater health and well being.”

Betsy Schwartz

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