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Am I Dying?

I have a client with stage 4 degenerative disease.

She asks: “Am I dying?”

I answer:

“Aren’t we all? Your diagnosis has nothing to do with you dying, you were dying before the diagnosis too, life and death are semantics.

You are not dying now anymore than you were dying a month ago.

The difference now is that you got a piece of information that tells you about your life, your choices, your pain, your sacrifices, your stubbornness, your unanswered questions.

This is what a diagnosis is.

Your Diagnosis in fact is more about your life than your death.

You can make it a death sentence if you choose to see it that way, or you can make it a learning opportunity.

All the while you keep living.

Are you dying? No, you are simply living. How you live is up to you, you are in charge. You decide if you want to keep living. And this is the true power of your existence: your choices.”

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