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Gratitude: The Most Powerful Detox Tool

You must have heard before that practicing Gratitude is the best way to start or end your day, it gives us the opportunity to appreciate more what we have, be more present, and let negative feelings behind. However, have you ever thought of Gratitude as a powerful detox tool. What???!

I have coached thousands of people in understanding and practicing effective detoxification. The role that food plays in our overall health, the importance of supporting the elimination pathways and the lymphatic system, how to use juices and intermitted fasting to accomplish this, and yet to this day practicing Gratitude is one of the most powerful (and difficult) tool we have to help our body eliminate toxicity.

Understanding that nowadays we live surrounded by an ever increasing amount of toxins is easy. From environmental toxins to new chemicals and pharmaceutical poisons, our bodies are taxed at an ever increasing rate, however, emotional toxicity is one of the "greatest gift" of our modern demanding society.

Our pace of life, the expectations put upon ourselves and others are taxing our bodies equally if not more than the chemicals and heavy metals we breathe.

Emotional toxicity exercises our nervous system, suppresses our immune system and keeps us in a chronic state of Sympathetic Dominance (Fight, Flight, Freeze).

In this state, by design, we suppress functions such as digestion, restful sleep, and ultimately detoxification.

Think about when you get scared, what is one of the first things you do? You hold your breath.

Lungs, one of the 5 elimination pathways discussed in the Lymphatic Reset™, get compressed and the breathing becomes shallow.

So although food choices are essential to allow the body to self-heal, paying attention to our feelings, and particularly our predisposition toward life is everything.

Practicing Gratitude helps us eliminate resistance and internal conflicts, it frees us from the need of the ego and supports the switch to a Parasympathetic state, the only state, where, by design, we can rest, digest and detox.

Unfortunately the importance of your spiritual and emotional awareness in detoxing is grossly underestimated, if ever considered. Childhood traumas, dramas, conflicts, coping behaviors have created a state of fear and constant PTSD that doesn't allow us to be present and aware, but takes away from your soul, and trap us in the sticky web of the mind.

Gratitude, hence, is not a default disposition for many of us, and for this reason we need to make an effort to practice it.

Addressing your emotional toxicity is essential to allow you to be in a state of gratitude, present in the here and now, and ultimately relax your nervous system and allow your body to let go of the toxic burden.

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