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The dangerous repercussions of the NO FOODS concept.

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

How mainstream gurus are contributing to the silent epidemic of eating disorders and anxiety.

If you are conscious about your health and mindful of what you put in your body you may have heard health gurus warning you about the negative effects of NO FOODS, a.k.a. foods that can trigger inflammation, promote leaky gut, feed pathogens.

What you may be not aware of is the silent repercussions that these crusades against gluten, grains, dairy, eggs, animal proteins, fats, sugar (depending on who you are following) are creating in the mind of sensitive people who are struggling with chronic illnesses.

Orthorexia is perhaps best summarized as an obsession with healthy eating with associated restrictive behaviors. However, the attempt to attain optimum health through attention to diet may lead to malnourishment, loss of relationships, and poor quality of life.

“Let's be clear if you are experiencing chronic illnesses and all sort of unbalances your choices up to now have played a critical role. Mostly due