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This INF-CV product is homeopathically prepared from a broad spectrum of current and historical viruses.

Homeopathic dilution and succussion render the contents devoid of all original molecules.

This product may be helpful in support of novel circulating viruses. As they evolve and change, so has this formula, to address current manifestations of the disease.


  • Common Questions and Answers:

    Q: Is this the same product that I purchased previously called INF-PNC-CV30?
    A: Yes and no. Previously we sold this with an additional vial called PNC to address symptoms originally associated with the currently circulating virus that affected the lungs. This is no longer necessary. See the statement above for an explanation.


    Q: What does this product do?
    A: INF-CV is not intended to prevent or treat illness.  Homeoprophylaxis’ goal is to exercise and strengthen the immune system by familiarizing it with the frequency of viruses or bacteria.

    Q: How is INF-CV different from the Influenzinum offered from other companies?
    A: INF-CV is a combination of historic flu viruses, while other Influenzinum products are potentized forms of the current circulating flu strain. Therefore, you are boosting your immunity towards a variety of viruses rather than just one. The benefit is that our formula will be effective every flu season and to all viruses, no matter how they may mutate. You do not have to repurchase every year!

    Q: How many doses do I get?
    A: You will have enough for a family of six. (Learn to make a water dose to stretch the remedy below.) 

    Q: Are there any studies with Influenzinum?
    A: Yes, there is a double-blind, placebo controlled study that is available online here:

    Q: Where is INF-CV made?
    A: It’s made in a homeopathic pharmacy. 

    Q: Do children and adults take the same dose?
    A: Yes, all ages (starting as young as one month) can take the same dose.

    Q: Do the pellets “expire” after this year?
    A: No, as long as pellets are stored in a ‘neutral’ place (away from heat over 120F, and away from strong smelling materials such essential oils, Ben-Gay, Icy Hot, etc) they do not expire and can be used over multiple years.

    Q: Can I get the the flu from taking this product?
    A: Homeopathic remedies are energetic. They contain no molecules of the original substance. They simply  familiarize your system with the frequency of the pathogen. You cannot “catch” a disease from a homeopathic remedy.

    Q: Are there side effects?
    A: No. Because homeopathy is energetic, there cannot be physiological “side effects.”

  • If exposure or susceptibility is suspected, take one dose, wait 5-7 days and then take 3 doses over a 24-hour period. Can be repeated as needed every 3-4 months. (The number of pellets per dose is not critical. You cannot overdose.  A few pellets are sufficient.)

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