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B  Well di Barbara Manconi Smith


Balance PLUS™

Without balance
there can't be health,
without health there can't be life

When our life is out of balance there can't be health. Dis-ease is the body's way of communicating that we have lost balance.

In order to regain health we need to regain balance, and we need to take an integrative approach to what balance looks like at a body, mind and soul level. This is what you'll accomplish with this program

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What is BalancePLUS?

A Balanced life is a healthy and a happy life.

Too often we chase after "health" without realizing that we have lost the very thing that can allow health to take place: Balance.

After 10 years of working in the health and wellness field, I have come to realize that it is not another diet, another detox, another supplement that people are missing, it is the knowledge and the perspective of what a balanced life truly means and how to pursue it according to the laws of nature.

BalancePLUS is a 10 week lifestyle program developed with a fusion of my clinical expertise, quantum physics, cognitive behavioral therapy, insights from the Blue Zones, and the timeless wisdom of ancient cultures, BalancePlus is more than just a program – it's a holistic lifestyle journey tailored to unlock your fullest potential.

This program teaches the art of living in harmony with nature and a sustainable and balanced path forward in your wellbeing journey.

This is NOT a temporary diet nor a specific detox. This program will teach you how to eat and live for life.

It is a naturally intuitive program (your body and soul will immediately agree) that can be adopted by every member of the family.


  • 10 intimate live group Zoom meetings (1x a week for 10 weeks)

  • 10 recorded video tutorials

  • Weekly material to unlock

  • A clear assessment of where your life is at right now and WHY, and a blueprint on how to connect within to get to balance, rewire your brain and change beliefs and behaviors

  • Set clear goals and intentions

  • A new understanding of how your body works and what it is trying to tell you

  • Understanding of how to find nutritional balance

  • Unlimited opportunity to ask questions

  • Guided emotional healing

  • Weekly videos with targeted yoga and movement exercises to release stuck toxins and emotions

  • Weekly Worksheets (prompts to dig deeper in your unresolved emotional traumas)

  • Access to a dedicated group chat to support you every step of the way​

  • Learning how to develop your intuition

Who Should Consider Balance PLUS?

This program is achievable by everybody. All it requires is a CHOICE. It is particularly indicated for those of you who are:

  • Wanting to live to 100

  • Experiencing diet and wellness burnout

  • Ready to ditch the NO FOOD list

  • Are feeling overwhelmed by conflicting information leading to paralysis

  • Living the Yo-Yo lifestyle: Diet/Binging/Diet

  • Feeling isolated in their healing journey

  • Are feeling uninspired by life

  • Are drifting away from family and loved ones due to obsession about alternative ways of eating

  • Losing hope that a balanced lifestyle can actually lead to long term wellness

  • Looking to tackle traumas and unresolved grief in a friendly supporting environment

  • Wanting to learn how to incorporate "cheat" days without undoing progress

  • Ready to make a lasting and permanent change

  • Ready to bring joy back in their life

  • Ready to commit to find balance in their life on and off the table

  • Ready to stop using (and believing) their excuses

  • Ready to stop dieting


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