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Meditating in Mountains

DECEMBER 4th, 2023

NEW: Balance PLUS™

The Science and Joy of (Healing) Living

"Health and Wellness shouldn’t be about preventing death,

it should be about learning how to live".

Barbara Manconi-Smith



A Balanced life is a healthy and a happy life.

Too often we chase after "health" without realizing that we have lost the very thing that can allow health to take place: Balance.

After over 10 years of working in the health and wellness field, I have come to realize that it is not another diet, another detox, another supplement that people are missing, it is the knowledge and the perspective of what a balanced life truly means and how to pursue it according to the laws of nature.

In all fairness this is not a recent realization of mine, I have held this belief for quite a while now.

In fact, in the past I had developed a program called Balance 21, that in 3 weeks (21 days) had the ambition to steer people in the direction of a balanced lifestyle. It was suggested after the Lymphatic Reset™ as a maintenance program, when not actively detoxing. 

People loved it. And often asked me to bring it back.


Balance PLUS™ is a science-based 6 weeks guided program that combines the time-tested lifestyle of the BlueZones with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, and my soul work with SOULCIRCLE™, addressing all aspects of life—  body, mind and soul. This program teaches the art of living in harmony with nature and a sustainable and balanced path forward in your wellbeing journey.

This is NOT a temporary diet nor a specific detox. This program will teach you how to eat and live for life.

It is a naturally intuitive program (your body and soul will immediately agree) that can be adopted by every member of the family.

Balance PLUS™ builds on the previous Balance 21 and expands in time and content.

There is more. In Balance PLUS™ I combine the deep inner work of SOULCIRCLE™ and daily guided mindfulness exercises to unlock stuck emotions and support flow. Essentially 3 programs in 1.



  • 1hr 1:1 meeting with Barbara to assess your goals and starting point and receive her personalized recommendations

  • 6 live group Zoom meetings (1x a week for 6 weeks) : to clear doubts, fears, and stay on course

  • 6 recorded video tutorials

  • New wholesome weekly recipe inspirations with a variety of options

  • A new understanding of how your body works and what it is trying to tell you

  • Understanding of how to combine food, portions, how how to offset unbalanced meals

  • Personalized herbal support

  • Unlimited opportunity to ask questions

  • Guided emotional healing

  • Guided Tapping Meditation

  • Weekly videos with targeted yoga and movement exercises to release stuck toxins and emotions

  • Weekly Worksheets (prompts to dig deeper in your unresolved emotional traumas)

  • Access to a dedicated FB group of like-minded people who are there to support you every step of the way​

  • Learning how to develop your intuition

Who Should Consider This Program?

This program is achievable by everybody. All it requires is a CHOICE. It can be done by the whole family together, including children.

This is particularly indicated for those of you who are:

  • Wanting to live to 100

  • Ready to ditch the NO FOOD list

  • Experiencing diet and wellness burnout

  • Are feeling overwhelmed by conflicting information leading to paralysis

  • Living the Yo-Yo lifestyle: Diet/Binging/Diet

  • Feeling isolated in their healing journey

  • Are feeling uninspired by life

  • Are drifting away from family and loved ones due to obsession about alternative ways of eating

  • Losing hope that a balanced lifestyle can actually lead to long term wellness

  • Looking to tackle traumas and unresolved grief in a friendly supporting environment

  • Wanting to learn how to incorporate "cheat" days without undoing progress

  • Ready to make a lasting and permanent change

  • Ready to bring joy back in their life

  • Ready to commit to find balance in their life on and off the table

  • Ready to stop using (and believing) their excuses

  • Ready to stop dieting


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