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"Homeopathy cures a greater percentage
of cases than any other method of treatment.
and is beyond doubt safer, more economical,
and  most complete medical science."

Mahatma Gandhi

Homeopathy is a full system of natural medicine that can be used to treat any person – from babies to elderly, including the immuno-compromised – as well as both pets and livestock.  Homeopathy connects with the vital force of the individual in a way that encourages movement toward vitality and the body’s capability of healing and protecting itself.

Conventional or allopathic medicine works AGAINST the disease and its symptoms using ‘anti’ drugs – you’ll be familiar with vocabulary which talks about ‘fighting’ disease or ‘killing’ pain. Homeopathy, by contrast,  observes the symptoms as the body’s attempt to heal itself. Homeopathy treats an individual with a specific set of symptoms, rather than battling a disease generally. Put simply, the symptoms define the appropriate homeopathic remedy.

The homeopathic approach

Homeopathy works by stimulating the body’s own natural healing capacity. The remedy triggers the body’s own healing forces, so a remedy is prescribed on a very individual basis. A homeopath will note physical, mental and emotional symptoms, together with all the factors that make the person feel better or worse. Is the pain better with cold or heat? Does the person feel worse if they move or sit still? From an extensive picture of the person, a homeopath can then select a remedy which best matches the picture.    

How does it work?


HP (Homeoprophylaxis) is a subset of Homeopathy that works to educate the immune system in reducing susceptibility against serious infectious diseases. It is done by using specific homeopathic remedies in a specific order and schedule. 

It is a safer, more natural and more sustainable approach to infectious illness prevention.

  • Addresses specific parts of the body in isolation

  • Disregards vital force

  • Dis-regulates the immune system

  • Causes side effects and habituation

  • Contraindications and drug interaction


  • Addresses the whole individual as an integrated system

  • Disregards vital force

  • Dis-regulates the immune system by external supplementation

  • May have side effects and habituation

  • May atrhophy glands and organs over time


  • Addresses the whole individual as an integrated system

  • Addresses the vital force

  • Does't interfere with the immune system

  • Supports the body' natural ability to self-heal

  • Doesn't have any side effects

  • No drug interaction, contraindication

       nor habituation



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