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Well   by Barbara Manconi Smith

B Well Farm

I always say that I was born and raised in Italy but I was adopted and inspired to become the woman I am today by California , where I spent the last 20 years of my life.
In 2023 while hosting a retreat in Tuscany I felt a strong pool to "come back home" to my native land.
As most of the defining moments in my life, it wasn't clear why, but I knew I had to do it.  And so I did.
I'd be lying if I say that the transition was smooth, coming back home meant facing things I had swept under the rug for so many years, It meant confronting who I am, who I was and who I wanted to become.
As the process unfold, the fog lifted and the path became ever so clear.

After spending many years teaching people the way of life of the Blue Zones, the balance and the wisdom of Il Dolce Far Niente, it made sense that I fully embraced the slow and present life of my ancestors and walk the talk.

Perched on the most breathtaking hills of the Tuscan countryside, in a region known to the world as Chianti region, I manifested an 80 acre farm with 800 olive trees, a stone house, vineyards, truffles, chicken and light. So much light. An inebriating smell of jasmine, rosemary and sage, and a newfound relationship with my land and soil:
B Well Farm was born.

Olive Tree Spirit Wisdom

Olive acknowledges that we have reached a milestone in our journey of awakening. The olive spirit reminds us to honor and reflect on our life. This is a time to learn from our experiences and understand the themes that seem to reappear. Equally important is to honor how we maintained our integrity by remaining true to ourselves in the face of adversity. If we feel we have not achieved what we had hoped for now would be a time to reassess our expectations and goals. This journey through life is made up of many smaller journeys and the olive tree encourages us to remain true to ourselves so we can make peace with our self and feel it in our heart.


Since Roman times olive oil has been revered as gods' heal all remedy, used as maladies treatment, body 's nourishment and elixir of longevity. The high concentration of polyphenols in extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) makes it the most naturally concentrated, minimally processed, valuable ally for good health.

However, as with most things in life, the quality of the product makes the difference between one of nature's most potent antioxidants and a vulgar potentially harmful vegetable oil.


For this reason this past year I immersed myself in learning all I could about olive oil, olives, oil mills, right bottling, density, nutraceutical to make sure we could maintain intact the purity of the oil, with the highest concentration of polyphenols (antioxidants) available to create a premium quality product that could truly aid to your health and wellbeing. More >>




Nestled among olives, oaks and majestic cypresses our stone cottage is a typical tuscan farm house, with century old fireplace, original cotto floors, tuscan country kitchen, a remodeled spa-like bathroom, an EMF-free haven and a surreal view of the Chianti rolling hills.

Sleeps up to 4 people. (Ideally 2 adults and 2 children).

Available from July 2024 click here to inquire 


October 2024 Tuscany 

B WELL Retreats wish to be a point of light for anyone on a quest for mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. A much needed yearly check-in point to rest and digest life. At the heart of B Well Retreats is a genuine sense of wonder for what can be, for the possibilities that lie beneath the surface.


June 2025 - Puglia

The psychological and emotional effects of traumatic events can be passed down over time. These effects can often cause intense challenges for future generations. Healing and moving forward requires understanding and integration of these unhealed generational wounds placing our personal life experiences within the context of our larger family history.  This retreat will help you make sense of unresolved parts of yourself, behaviors, and pain that are hindering your health and wellbeing.


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