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B  Well di Barbara Manconi Smith


Programs & Classes

Choose the program that fits your needs

Nutritional and Emotional detox programs to give you the tools you need to achieve and maintain thriving health.​

The group setting allows for extra support and accountability and it is key to the overall success.


A 10 week lifestyle program to attain emotional and physical balance, correct unproductive behaviors and consciously become self-aware.


A 6 week  progressive plant-based nutritional and educational program that strategically unclog a stagnant lymphatic system while detoxing the body from its accumulated toxic burden ​


A 6 week journey to heal emotional and physical wounds, bringing light to your relationship between Soul and Ego, shadow and light, regaining direct access to your inner wisdom.


The curriculum focuses on three pillars - Nutrition, Coaching, and Business - combined to create an integrative approach to transform health holistically and build (or enhance) a successful health coaching or wellness business.


Homeopathy works by stimulating the body’s own natural healing capacity without harmful side effects. HP (Homeoprophylaxis) is a subset of Homeopathy that works to educate the immune system in reducing susceptibility against serious infectious diseases


Trauma - Disease Masterclass

2-day hands-on masterclass Barbara will gently guide you to explore your own life, present and past, and give you tools to interpret the messages behind your symptoms, and from there, reach the root cause of your unbalance.


The Psyco-Biome Masterclass

A path to recover from depression, anxiety and mood disorders, including ADD, ADHD,OCD.


B WELL retreats wish to be a point of light for anyone on a quest for mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. A much needed yearly check-in point to rest and digest life.


A place where parents can have the chance to unwind and attend their own personal wellness retreat, working on body, mind and soul, while the kids connect, play and grow  immersed in nature.

One on One: Private Coaching with B

from the comfort of your home all over the world

Whether you are dealing with serious chronic illnesses, trying to put together a plan for longevity and quality of life for you or your children, or going through unresolved emotional blockages that are hindering your healing process, I am here to support you in this journey.

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