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B  Well di Barbara Manconi Smith


You are Flow: Panta Rhei

“No man ever steps in the same
river twice,
for it is not the same river,
and he is not the same man.”
Heraclitus, 600 BC

Everything in life is flow: without flow there can't be life. 

The way you feel right now depends entirely on your own physiological and emotional flow. And this is where I decided to place the focus of my practice.

The laws of Flow

Everything in life flows: it is in constant movement and process of becoming, in constant change. When we look at the world around us we are able to observe the flow in the seasons, in the birth and death, in the wind, the clouds, the creeks. All creation is a reflection of the flow. Including us. We are part of this endless becoming, this constant movement and change.

We reflect the flow in our body and our emotions.


On a physiological level, our 2 fluid systems of the body must flow: our blood and our lymphatic system. One feeds the cells while the other one cleans them.

The air we breathe must flow in and out our body. The water we drink must be released and the food we ingest must be eliminated.

This is the base of life. Whenever the flow is altered or arrested, life is altered or arrested. 

On an emotional level, thoughts and emotions must flow in accordance with the same laws of nature. Whenever they stop, life stops. Disease is nothing but the physiological  response to the lack of flow.


I have always been fascinated with this idea of flow and I found in it the essence of life. On this I developed my clinical approach to wellness.

In essence the postulate is simple: Does it flow? If not, where is the blockage? The Lymphatic Reset, Soulcircle and Balance Plus are in their unique ways, responding to these questions. 


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