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No food heals
and wounds as much as
the emotional one

The body is nothing but a mirror of our internal wellbeing. There isn't a physical unbalance that hasn't occurred at an emotional and spiritual level first.

Our body talks to us in "body language", and this language is called: disease.​ There is no true and lasting healing unless we are willing to do the emotional healing.

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It's not the back that hurts, but the burden.

It's not your eyes that hurt, but the injustice.

It's not your head that hurts, it's your thoughts.

Not the throat, but what you don't express or say.

Not the stomach hurts, but what the soul does not digest.

It's not the liver that hurts, it's the anger.

It's not your heart that hurts, but love.

And it's love itself that contains the most powerful medicine.

-Ada Luz Marquez-

What is Soulcircle™?

Soulcircle™ is a revolutionary approach to mental and emotional wellbeing. It's at the intersection of psychological, trauma, cognitive behavioral and group therapy. And yet it is so much more. It is a much needed journey into personal and emotional development, to free yourself from the ingrained conditioning of family and culture, and release the trans-generational behaviors and traumas that led you to stray away from your soul path.

The program is divided in 3 phases: Past, Present, Future, each one lasting 6 weeks. It is a deep journey into a better understanding of yourself, your wounds , your family dynamics, your coping mechanisms, your mind/body response and the ingrained behaviors that are blocking your FLOW.

What you will find in Soulcircle™ is a warm and welcoming group of soul warriors who are on a similar path to ultimate physical and emotional health.


  • 18  intimate live group Zoom meetings (1x a week for 18 weeks) 2 hrs each

  • Weekly prompts to work on what was discussed during the meetings (meetings are working meetings so presence is highly advised)

  • Ability to listen and hold space for fellow companions

  • It's a no-pressure environment so you can open up as much or as little as you feel is right at your own timing

  • Nothing will be required of you but an open heart and the willingness to make space in your life for this work

  • What happens or is said in Soulcircle™ stays in Soulcircle™

  • Showing up for your fellow companions even when you don't feel like is part of the pact, even if that day you are just there to listen. These are often the times you learn the most

  • Be prepared to be amazed


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