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Well   by Barbara Manconi Smith

The Pursuit of Better

Health Life

B's vision

The goal of health should not be preventing death, rather learning how to live life to your full potential.
When we realize that the work we need to do is not the work to heal but rather the work to change, this is when healing can really happen.
My work is to guide you through this process.

Integrated Nutrition

Nutrition to be effective and for its effects to be long lasting must be supported by intentional and responsible emotional and spiritual work. Otherwise it's just another diet. And those we know, they never work.


Tucked in the tip of the heel of the Italian boot lies a piece of paradise, still unknown by many: Salento, in the region of Puglia. With over 150 kilometers of coastline, Salento is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. In this corner of paradise we will focus on healing Transgenerational Traumas. You will be able to make sense of unresolved parts of yourself, behaviors, and pain that are hindering your health and wellbeing by placing your personal life experiences within the context of your larger family history. 

Booking opens - June 2024 - Payment plans available.


Balance PLUS™ is a 10 week lifestyle program that aims at supporting your shift toward a more balanced and centered life. 

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Without elimination there can't be true detoxification. The Lymphatic Reset™ is a plant-based nutritional and educational program that strategically harness the power of food combining and targeted intermittent fasting to support the body's elimination and detoxification pathways. ​

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soul therapy

No food heals and wounds as much as the emotional one. The body is nothing but a mirror of our internal wellbeing. There isn't a physical unbalance that hasn't occurred at an emotional and spiritual level first. Soulcircle™ is a revolutionary approach to mental and emotional wellbeing at the intersection of psychological, trauma, cognitive behavioral and group therapy. And yet it is so much more >>

Body/Mind Detox
Chronic & Autoimmune Conditions
Health & Homeopathy
Trauma/Body connection

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Understanding Detoxing

The ability to detox and eliminate toxicity (physical and emotional) is the single most important process responsible for health and longevity. Poor waste removal is an underestimated culprit of many chronic illnesses, who express themselves over time due to an unbalanced toxic built-up in the body: too many toxins in, not enough toxins out. The inability to eliminate toxicity is at the root cause of chronic illnesses.

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The full program

Balance PLUS™

Booking opens For Puglia 2025 Retreat

Lymphatic Reset™ Coaches Certification


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