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B WELL: The Cure Is In The Kitchen


    With beautiful photography and a striking design B Well is the definite guide to eat your way back to health (and happiness).

    250 pages of gourmet recipes and nutritional guidance to find your balance between healing and living.

    With B Well, Barbara Manconi-Smith  explores the meaning of food, our relationship with it,  and draws from her childhood and upbringing in Italy to offer her readers the opportunity to discovered a renewed sense of health and wellbeing that extend well beyond the limitations of the plate.


    "My hope with this book is for you to find “your” balance to a healthy and happy life. Use the carefully selected food combinations as an inspiration for more time with friends and loved ones, for more birthday parties, and romantic date nights, for more concoctions under the kitchen table, and more shared aprons.

    When I say “the Cure is in the Kitchen” it is because there you will find not just the nourishing and healing food, but the people you love the most. Together they are the strongest antidote to fight and prevent any illness or unbalance.

    Welcome to my kitchen, grab an apron, stay a while…"



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